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This is true: they almost do not come to me and they ask me for a direct training. They ask for advice. They look for practical advice and brainstorming. But in the search for solutions and strategy mapping, small business owners stumble unless both develop personal development and business development activities that lead to success.

Checklist for Becoming a Small Business Consultant

Here is a list of things to consider when you are starting or growing your small business consulting practice: Start with your own construction practice. You can not be an effective advisor if you do not value the owner of a small business. Do not stop with your continuous development skills. It has a growing demand based on a broader knowledge and experience.

There is great confusion between what is called the ICF (International Coach Federation) as a "small business coach" and what others around the world think of as "small business coaches". Please follow the ICF definition. You can call yourself a consultant, advisor, mentor, or coach, and most customers understand that this means they help you solve problems and improve their business that I want. Pay attention to the results that the customer wants. (If you help me, I call myself a "coach consultant" to show that I use training and counseling techniques when working with clients.

You need coaching and coaching skills to be effective and provide real value. I have worked with micro entrepreneurs and individual entrepreneurs for more than 20 years and rarely find one that does not require training or advice

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